The Ultimate Party Game for Immature Adults

It’s everything you love about party games, in a single party game.

A Six Course Party Game for Immature Grown-Ups

  • 108 Cards

  • 648 awesomely fun, quirky, adult, laugh-out-loud questions

  • In a can!

  • Everything you need to make your next party a hit!

  • For Immature adults, 17+

  • A party game that distills all the best things about party games, into one beautiful and delicious can

★★★★★ - A must have!
— Anaise R
— Danelle S
I will be your Cinnamon...
— Amber S
Buy this game...right now!
— Charles B
We had a blast! - ★★★★★
— Daniel W
I play this game with fire in my belly...but, it could just be the whiskey.
— Kyle M
This was awesome and a great time!
— Raphael R
Never ever have I laughed so hard!
— Bailey B
I actually prefer Soup2Nuts to the Holodeck.
— Charlotte T
★★★★★ We couldn’t stop laughing!!
— Amazon Customer
Innovative Adult Party Game.
— Andrea S
Can’t say enough how much I loved this game! ★★★★★
— Eric T
It’s got the flavor of a CAH, but with a bunch of classics thrown in; Like charades, Would You Rather, Pictionary, FMK, dirty Mad Libs and more. SO much fun!
— Jason K